August 17, 2011

Presently Packing

In just a week, I'll be waking up bright and early to make the drive to LAX to head off to Ireland for a few days. Pinching myself that it doesn't end there as I'll be off to Florence for a few months! I love telling people I'm headed to live in Italy for a few months. Everyone has a story to share with me about their Italian fantasies...including the Nordstrom shoes salesman who wrote down a leather shop behind Santa Croce that apparently has the world's best leather. You can bet I'll find it!

As for my final Ireland plans, my girlfriends and I decided on 3 days in Dublin and 2 days in Skerries (a fishing town North of Dublin I stumbled upon thanks to Trip Advisor). More to come on this adventure...

Presently, I've begun to tackle packing. If you know me well, you know I'm a big "what if" girl. That usually makes it into my suitcases. I bring anything and everything so I'm ready for whatever occasion. I knew I'd need help with packing for Italy. Taking my entire closet would cost a fortune and toting multiple large suitcases through Ireland prior to Italy would be a nightmare.

After scouring different packing lists, I wasn't finding something that would work for me so I made an extravagant investment to hire a stylist! Yes, it sounds a bit over indulgent but my logic is clear.

Jessie of Style & Pepper {who also runs one of my favorite blogs,The Concrete Catwalk}helped me break my pattern of wearing the same pieces the same way over and over. She prepared an online lookbook just for me that I can continue to mix and match with! She showed me how to wear a few pieces, multiple ways. I've replicated many of the looks already with my closet and added a few new pieces...

I'll confess I had to hold back from buying everything she suggested. I'm holding out a bit to buy more as my hair stylist recommended shopping more there in consignment shops to translate my American girl style into Italian chic.

My last packing secret was something my mom taught me as a kid. I took a box of Ziploc Freezer bags, stuffed them full, and sat on them until the air was out. The result is ONE suitcase and a carry-on ready for four months abroad.

Buon Viaggo!


Start Up said...

So excited for you Kassi!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing fabulous pics! Might I recommend Verona (if you haven't read or heard about it before) it's a fabulous little town that I never wanted to leave... safe travels!! Enjoy!!!

Kassandra said...

I'll definitely look into Verona! Thank you for the tip!!