August 29, 2011

Hidden Emerald

Yesterday, the three of us {happily} left our hostel in Dublin for a quaint fishing village just north of Dublin known as Skerries. Standing on the platform with a group of locals holding two full suitcases & a carryon made for quite the scene. I struggled to "mind the gap" boarding the train and thankfully, a nun quickly helped me lift my final bag before the doors closed. 30 minutes later the DART dropped us into rolling hills & roaming sheep.

When we got off, there were two cars in the parking lot and no taxis in sight. Three girls, an empty platform, and an array of luggage- it was a scene straight from Leap Year. After reaching two dead numbers the train attendant said he knew of no more cabs and that there was nothing more he could do for us. Claire requested the phone, calling the B&B owners who quickly sent a cab that {RACED} over to get us.

The taxi driver was quite surprised to find us {and all the luggage} but made a joke of it and we piled {with suitcases on our laps} into his Mercedes sedan. In a thick accent he quickly told us Dublin was "a shithole" and about how he'd been living in the town for 50 years and is still referred to as a "blown in".

August 28, 2011

Snapshot: Dublin & Skerries, Ireland

{Where} I went: Dublin & Skerries, Ireland

{Who} I went with: Kait {College Friend & Study Abroad Mate} & Claire {High School Friend}

August 27, 2011

Green is for Go!

I'm finally here! After delay after delay {not one part of our journey didn't face a delay, including landing in Dublin with no gate to park at} Kait & I made it to Dublin. Customs was quick as could be and we found our bus within 5 minutes of walking out of the terminal. Regardless of the delays, we made it & nothing felt better than hugging my friend Claire who was here for two days waiting for our arrival!

Kait & I quickly dropped our bags in the hostel room & decided to turn around and go to make up for the time we missed. We purchased a Hop On-Hop Off pass to Dublin's bus line which allowed us to hit all the main stops with unlimited rides for $14 Euros. This was the best way to go!

We stopped first at Trinity College to walk around the breathtaking grounds! It was lightly raining and made the greenery glisten. The campus fits my idealistic picture of a college-gothic architecture, endless brick, & a center courtyard where students gather to socialize. After walking around most of the {42 acre} campus, we hopped back onto the bus and got off a few stops later at St. Stephens Green.

August 25, 2011

Dublin Delays

Well, it looks like my growth and lessons in patience have already begun!

I knew it would be an interesting morning when I walked up to the American Airlines ticketing counter and local news stations were sitting hungry outside the terminal waiting for discouraged passengers. Aware that my flight was already 2 hours delayed I calmly waited in line promising myself not to give the ticket clerk a hard time as flight delays we're out of their control. By the time I made it to the counter, my flight was three hours delayed meaning I'd miss my connection to Dublin...

August 17, 2011

Presently Packing

In just a week, I'll be waking up bright and early to make the drive to LAX to head off to Ireland for a few days. Pinching myself that it doesn't end there as I'll be off to Florence for a few months! I love telling people I'm headed to live in Italy for a few months. Everyone has a story to share with me about their Italian fantasies...including the Nordstrom shoes salesman who wrote down a leather shop behind Santa Croce that apparently has the world's best leather. You can bet I'll find it!

As for my final Ireland plans, my girlfriends and I decided on 3 days in Dublin and 2 days in Skerries (a fishing town North of Dublin I stumbled upon thanks to Trip Advisor). More to come on this adventure...