December 10, 2011

Sunny & Nice {French Riviera}

Forgive me {again} for taking a mini vacation from the blog but I truly have been on an endless vacation the past few weeks. Following fall break, I've traveled to a new country {yes, country} every weekend! As I tweeted the other day, I've lived more out of a suitcase this month than out of my closet. Oh, and the airport body scanners that used to make me nervous now seem as normal as brushing my teeth! I am BLESSED!

Let's rewind and finish the story of my time in France! After the rendezvous through Paris, Katie, Kait, and I hopped on an EasyJet plane to Nice. While it's still a no frills airline, the flight was a bit more enjoyable than Ryanair so the mid-size price tag was well worth the upgrade. As thankful as I am for Ryanair for giving me the opportunity to travel, I'm just as thankful to be back to normal airlines!