August 29, 2011

Hidden Emerald

Yesterday, the three of us {happily} left our hostel in Dublin for a quaint fishing village just north of Dublin known as Skerries. Standing on the platform with a group of locals holding two full suitcases & a carryon made for quite the scene. I struggled to "mind the gap" boarding the train and thankfully, a nun quickly helped me lift my final bag before the doors closed. 30 minutes later the DART dropped us into rolling hills & roaming sheep.

When we got off, there were two cars in the parking lot and no taxis in sight. Three girls, an empty platform, and an array of luggage- it was a scene straight from Leap Year. After reaching two dead numbers the train attendant said he knew of no more cabs and that there was nothing more he could do for us. Claire requested the phone, calling the B&B owners who quickly sent a cab that {RACED} over to get us.

The taxi driver was quite surprised to find us {and all the luggage} but made a joke of it and we piled {with suitcases on our laps} into his Mercedes sedan. In a thick accent he quickly told us Dublin was "a shithole" and about how he'd been living in the town for 50 years and is still referred to as a "blown in".

Minutes later we arrived at the White Cottages which was even more stunning than the pictures! Jackie, the owner, quickly ushered us inside where our mouths dropped at the charm of the B&B. Within minutes we all agreed another night in Dublin could wait & booked an extra night at the cottage.

Our room wasn't ready so Jackie directed us to the Harbor which was a 1/2 mile walk. It started pouring on our way & with only one umbrella, we were so thankful when an elderly gentleman opened the door from the sailing club and ushered us inside. We waited out the quick downpour then finished the walk to Joe Mays where we enjoyed lattes {to shake off the night of no sleep} while waiting for a table at Stoop Your Head.

Kait and I split {incredible} garlic bread & goat cheese foccacia while Claire ventured out trying an open prawn sandwich {but wasn't a fan of all the mayonaise}. We took our time meandering home enjoying the views of the harbor & the locals as they honked at each other to say hello.

We took the afternoon to relax in our room, the Crow's Nest, before freshening up and heading back out to the Blue Grill upon Joe {the owner's} suggestion. My baked mushrooms {stuffed with shrimp & garlic} revived my jet-lagged appetite and I enjoyed the stroll through Skerries.

At the end of the meal we asked the couple next to us what would be an appropriate tip which led into a thirty minute conversation about their world travels and learning more about what was ahead for us. They were two of the nicest people I've ever encountered, imprinting my memory with their kindness.

After all the travel we enjoyed crawling into the awaiting beds & finally got a sound night of rest!

Skerries is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the world and elevated Ireland to one of my favorite countries in the world...can't wait to share a few more pictures tomorrow!

A {BIG} thank you to Ashley of Hither & Thither {my favorite travel blogger by far} for recommending posting questions to the Fodor's forums to find the best trips off the beaten path. Her suggestion lead me to this breathtaking fishing village that will forever be a great memory!

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