April 17, 2011

Ciao Bella!

As I sit here leafing through six guides to Italy (hey, a girl's gotta do her homework), I can only dream what life will be like come August.

Studying in Florence has been in the works for quite some time but became official about a month ago when my friend and I put in our deposits to study abroad. I sit now with an appetite for the Italian culture and culinary treats.

I think some of the best observation and insight into a culture is shared through a meal so that is exactly how I plan to embrace Italy. Whether it be learning to cook in the Tuscan countryside or enjoying a latte at the local corner cafe, I'll make Italy my home away from home. I'll of course study a little too.

The plan is to leave Sunny California with one of my best friends, who will be studying at Oxford (smartypants), to jet off to Ireland for a few days. Around the 31st I'll settle in at my new home, Firenze. From there, my journey is uncharted. I can only promise it will include LOTS of Pasta, followed by a long walk (I just managed to shed the Freshman 15), and me attempting to become fluent in Italian.

Until then, Buon Appetite!

Currently Seeking:
-Fellow Travel & Italy Bloggers for travel tips
-Flight recommendations from London to Dublin to Florence
-Bed & Breakfasts on a Budget in Dublin
-The Must Sees of Ireland
-Favorite Pubs or Eateries a la Ireland
-How to enjoy Italy from America


Ashley said...

All sounds fantastic, Kassandra! Thanks again for the nice email--really sweet!

Looking forward to seeing more of your travels!

BTW--we loved biking around the Dingle peninsula in Ireland, and I find the Fodors forums to be really active if you're looking for some recommendations. Just be sure to give specific details with questions or they'll bite your head off! (Lesson learned :)

Kassandra said...

You're the one who deserves the thank you!

Thanks for the tips!!! Already started my word document full of plans...

I'll make sure to have my dates in a row before I enter them:)


PS.The new Travel & Leisure has two (!!) articles on Sardinia!