About Me

Ciao Bella! I'm just an American Girl from California that ate her way through Italy. Provided with the opportunity to eat some of the most incredible food in the world, I happily obliged and studied in beautiful Firenze (aka Florence for you Americans) from August 2011 through January 2012. My time included numerous laughs as I tried to speak Italian, LOTS of pasta, and weekend getaways when the studies didn't call, even a few intercontinental trips. Enjoy this archive of guides to a beautiful adventure.

Buon Appetito, Kassandra

Behind the Name:
Ciao Bella ("Hello Beautiful") was the first Italian phrase I learned and the way it sounds when it rolls of your tongue is one of the reasons I fell in love with Italy. I was playing around with names that captured who I am and what I want to experience. Finally at 1:30 am, it came to me. I absolutely love Italian eats so Ciao Bella became Chow Down, Bella and then rested at Ciao {Down} Bella.