August 25, 2011

Dublin Delays

Well, it looks like my growth and lessons in patience have already begun!

I knew it would be an interesting morning when I walked up to the American Airlines ticketing counter and local news stations were sitting hungry outside the terminal waiting for discouraged passengers. Aware that my flight was already 2 hours delayed I calmly waited in line promising myself not to give the ticket clerk a hard time as flight delays we're out of their control. By the time I made it to the counter, my flight was three hours delayed meaning I'd miss my connection to Dublin...

Twenty minutes later I held a ticket to the earliest flight out tomorrow, heading back to relax with some friends. I guess the Lord knew I needed another day to detox from my intensive summer before heading out!

After using every possible method of communication I got ahold of my friend who had just arrived in Dublin to explain the delays {FB & Skype were the means that finally succeeded} and am now I'm rollin' with the punches.

I guess Dublin will still be there tomorrow...Until then, my thoughts are with the families that are preparing for Hurricane Irene and the exhausted ticket clerks that are working around the clock to make sure girls like me get to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

**UPDATE: After waking up at 3:30 AM to get in the security lines at LAX & sitting on the tarmac for an hour due to mechanical delays, finally made it to Chicago! 6 Hour layover & a half hour delay for our next connection but finally headed in the right direction. {Almost} to Ireland!

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KS said...

Patience indeed! Safe travels tomorrow!