January 1, 2012

New Year, New Adventure

Happy New Year! 

I'm still not sure what time zone I belong to but I do know I'm back on U.S. soil. I've spent the last week turning off my phone & computer to spend some quality time with my family showing them "my world" in Italy and exploring some new places too! I'm quickly jumping back into reality here though...from driving on the sixteen lane Cali freeway to spending my remaining savings to replace my fried laptop & phone but I can't complain! Home feels good, just a bit different & A LOT warmer. Maybe it's because I'm different {and used to wearing layers}...

The past four months were an incredible journey I will not forget but I know my travels are just the beginning of a new adventure. I can't wait to return my heart to Italy someday and until then, explore new corners of the world. Join me won't you? I hope I've inspired you to taste, see, feel, and breathe God's gorgeous creation. Life is SO worth living to the fullest! You've inspired me to share & explore. I truly thank you for being part of this adventure. All your comments, posts, tips, and thoughts truly guided and comforted me along the way.

Ciao {Down} Bella is a part of me I'm not ready to let go. Travel is now ingrained in me and being a foodie with an outlet is an addiction I'm not ready to tackle yet! So, a little resolution is leading me to continue! I hope you're excited as I am! How's that sound? Explore with me...

Here's to a new year & so many more new adventures!

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