December 10, 2011

Sunny & Nice {French Riviera}

Forgive me {again} for taking a mini vacation from the blog but I truly have been on an endless vacation the past few weeks. Following fall break, I've traveled to a new country {yes, country} every weekend! As I tweeted the other day, I've lived more out of a suitcase this month than out of my closet. Oh, and the airport body scanners that used to make me nervous now seem as normal as brushing my teeth! I am BLESSED!

Let's rewind and finish the story of my time in France! After the rendezvous through Paris, Katie, Kait, and I hopped on an EasyJet plane to Nice. While it's still a no frills airline, the flight was a bit more enjoyable than Ryanair so the mid-size price tag was well worth the upgrade. As thankful as I am for Ryanair for giving me the opportunity to travel, I'm just as thankful to be back to normal airlines!

We left at the crack of dawn so by the time we made it to the Meyerbeer Beach hostel we needed a nap and shower ASAP. We arrived a bit too early for check-in but the friendly receptionist let us store our bags, use a shower, and gave us the name of a nearby cafe to wait for our room to be ready. After a tasty cappuccino we ventured through the quiet streets of Nice, soaking in the picturesque beach and pastel architecture. 

The room was ready soon after so we napped and freshened up before taking in the sunset at the benches along the beach and setting out to find a restaurant Katie and Kait enjoyed four years prior. I had high expectations as they raved about dripping pizza and the freshest pesto gnocchi you could find. La Pizza didn't disappoint! 

The next day we got an early start and after a quick breakfast, wandered through the designer shopping district. I was simply just browsing but finally found THE pair of leather boots. My heart was set on buying them in Italy but after months of not finding the right pair, the shoe just fit. I splurged and haven't looked back! 

 We dropped our bags back off at the hostel and caught the bus to Monaco. Add another country to the list! The ride along the coast was BEAUTIFUL! I took in all the true Riviera scenes and promised myself that one day I'd return to stay in a little villa on the coast.

Starting at the castle, we wandered through the impeccable streets, stepping to the sidewalk as Porsches and Lamborghinis flew down the street! A pit stop for a forgettable lunch and onto the Monte Carlo we went! 

Having never been to a casino before, Kait & Katie encouraged me to go see just why the Monte Carlo was so renowned. I cashed in 5 Euro and we tried our hand at the penny slots. Big spenders! I won twenty cents here or there but nothing close to paying for my boots! Oh well, I'm lucky enough as it is & to say I tried my hand first at the Monte Carlo will suffice...

After venturing around the hotel's beautiful grounds, people watching as high society came and went we went in search from some of France's famous macaroons. Laduree was closed in Paris due to a neighborhood fire so we stopped into the one at Monaco's mall and purchased a few of one of the only things we could afford! I tried Rose & Salted Caramel. Both were delicious but still left with a bad taste in my mouth from Zurich's Vermicelli, I let the girls polish them off. 

We caught the bus back and relaxed for the evening before heading back to Florence the next day. Oh, and to keep it cheap, we flew from Nice back to Paris, bused to Beavauis then flew to Pisa before taking the train back to Florence. Talk about a travel day!

A big thank you & shout-out to Meyerbeer beach for having one of the friendliest staffs around...from bus directions to evening snacks, you truly topped the list for one of the best hostel stays!

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Scot S said...

Love reading your blogs.......I missed them so I was excited to see a new edition posted!