October 12, 2011

Where Art Thou?

Verona never topped my day trip list so when I tagged along with a group of friends to the city known for being the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet I had little expectations. What I found will forever ingrain my memory as one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!

We caught the tram to Firenze Campo di Marte, taking the 10:26 fast train to Verona {35 Euro + 1.40 Euro tram ticket}. Once in Verona, we decided the day would be jam packed with seeing the sights so we all stopped to buy the 10 Euro Verona card that covers the entrances to all the main stops and free bus rides.

We hopped off the bus near the Colosseum dei Verona and wandered the streets looking for a quick bite to eat. A promising side street revealed Urban Cafe where I had one of the simplest and most delicious salami sandwiches of my life!

The Colosseum was amazing! Who knew a simple piling of marble could be so thought provoking and refreshing? We made up the history Rick left out, laughing on steps people had gathered on for hundreds of years. Did you know you can see Alaska from the Colosseum dei Verona? {B.S. Tours taught us that one, ask for Sarah P.}

Next stop on our self guided tour was Casa di Giulietta. After marveling at the wall scribbled with love notes {the clean walls where tourists post letters is only in the movies}, I gasped at the hoards of tourists grabbing the boobs of Juliet's statue. An American woman nearby filled me in that it brings "the luck of love". Looks like I may be single for a little while longer...

After wandering through the house and hearing all the versions of Shakespeare's tale, I stopped into a little shop in the courtyard where a few guys {!!} sat at sewing machines embroidering everything you could think of. One demonstrated his talent, embroidering my name onto a piece of paper for free...which of course enticed me to buy a serving pad embroidered with a family saying that someone special will receive for Christmas!

I didn't find my Romeo but down the street I enjoyed a cup of fresh fruit that I certainly could pledge my love to for the day! Through the market we trekked to the river where we took in the breathtaking sights of  such a well preserved city. Many of my frustrations with Italy lie in the lack of sanitation that is ruining the historical corridors filled with years of stories so the cleanliness and preservation of Verona impressed me beyond measures.

Once across the river we trekked up the steps of the Archaeological Museum and napped in the courtyard before again gasping at the beautiful view of the city!

Down we went and off to the {unfinished} Duomo where we sat for a minute in the pews before mass started. Last stop was meandering through the castle {which actually had a mote} to enjoy a fresh cornetta con cioccolato before pizza in the park for dinner.

We took the slow regional train home {which made for a four hour trip} playing mindless silly games that kept our delirious tired selves laughing all the way back. Once home, I quickly kicked off my boots from my tired feet and fell fast asleep.

As you can tell, it truly was quite the packed, quick day-trip that I hope to turn into a relaxing three day weekend soon!

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Pete said...

I love Verona! It's quite a cool city!